Eagles Album Covers


  • Eagles Album Covers - Eagles The Very Best Of 2CD
  • Eagles Album Covers - Their Greatest Hots Volumes 1 & 2 (2LP)
  • Eagles Album Covers.Their Greatest Hits 1971 -1975 -180 Gram Vinyl
  • Eagles Album Covers-Hotel California 40th Anniversary Edition
  • Eagles Album Covers -The Eagles -Desperado
  • Eagles Album Covers -The_Eagles_On_the_Border
  • Eagles Album Covers-The_Eagles-The_Eagles

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Eagles Album Covers Story


The Eagles are an united states rock band created in Los Angeles, California in 1971. Eagles have 5 number 1 singles and 6 number 1 albums, 6 Grammy Awards and 5 American Music Awards, and where the number 1 rock band in the 1970’s in America.

So, We compiled a slide show to showcase the best Eagles Album Covers thru the years.

The Eagles album covers all tell a story and to lot of critics some are considered to be some of the worst album covers of it’s time but that is for you to decide but in my opinion a lot of them are pretty cool looking.

Check them out click on the slider to view all of their greatest hit Eagles Album Covers . . .


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